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  • 2/8/2011

Iran holds 2nd Congress of Bioethics

iran hosts the 2nd international congress of bioethics

Iran is holding the second International Congress of Bioethics as ethical and moral challenges have become an important concern among world nations.

The Congress of Bioethics, which is currently under way in the capital city of Tehran, February 5-7, is hosting Iranian and foreign scholars and researchers to deal with the new technologies that have raised debatable issues, a Press TV correspondent reported on Sunday.

Scientists and clerics from all over the world that are present at the conference discussed controversial topics, including selling organs for transplants, abortion, mercy killings, genetic engineering and cloning.

"New technologies that have entered human life need ethical standards …before you did not have stem cell technology, embryo transfers and human cloning, but today’s technologies are fast developing and that faces us with important ethical decisions," said Congress Director, Abbas Lotfi.

Speakers of the conference stressed the need to approach ethical issues from the standpoint of different cultures and religions.

Source: presstv.ir

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