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(Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini)


o Freedom is a great divine blessing.

o We shall  bear hardships  so that our nation  may attain  freedom and


o Freedom is a divine trust that God has made our lot.

o Freedom was given to us by Islam; appreciate this freedom and Islam. o Freedom of the nations is the first step toward civilization.

o We must all be alert and careful not to abuse freedom.

o Islam, too, has freedom but not of the unbridled variety. We do not want

     Western freedom.

o Islam is a progressive religion and a democracy in the real sense. o Islamic democracy is more complete than that of the West.

o Freedom in Islam is within the bounds of Islamic laws.

o Exported freedom is that which led our youth to promiscuity.

o Freedom is within the bounds of Islamic laws. Let no laws be breached

      thinking that liberty is exercised.

o   Preserve the limits of Islam; let liberties be not abused for they lie within

the limits of Islam.

o   Islamic law produces liberties and real democracy, and guarantees the

independence of the countries.

o They want to replace your (sound) freedom with unwholesome freedom

     and take your real freedom away from you.

o   Freedom has never been and will not be suppressed; the people are free

except when they want to do evil and drive the nation backward.

o   Western-style   freedom   that   corrupts   the   youth””girls   and   boys””is

condemned in the views of Islam and reason.

o   We do not want the freedom in which Islam has no place.

o   Destructive liberties must be harnessed.

o   Man's degradation and fall  is due to taking away his freedom and

subjugating him to other men.

o Today. Iran is the seat of the free.

Source: 'Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini" book  

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