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How to Create Recipe Card Albums


By Michelle Powell-Smith


Gather your favorite recipes. If you are using your own recipes, type them up and print them out or hand write them. Many people are lucky enough to have family recipe cards. These can be integrated directly into your album; however, you may need to scan and print the backside of each card to keep the recipe usable in the album. Sort your recipes as you prefer, either by type of food or the family member who created the recipe.



Decide if you would like to add photos. Pictures of Grandma in the kitchen are a charming addition to a recipe card album of her old family recipes, but you could also opt for finished food photos. Arrange your photos with your recipes to make it easier to layout your recipe card album.



Cut background papers for each page of your recipe album using a paper cutter. Be sure to include a title page or pages, as appropriate. Print out, hand letter or use sticker letters to create your titles.



Arrange the recipes on your recipe scrapbook pages. Use photo corners to adhere original recipe cards to your album. This will allow you to remove the original recipe with ease in the future if necessary. If you are working with typed and printed recipes, standard scrapbooking adhesives will work quite well. Add photos if desired, either on their own pages or alongside each recipe.



Embellish your recipe layouts. Use stickers and other scrapbooking embellishments to make your recipe pages attractive. Choose elements that work well with the theme of the recipe.



Add journal entries to your recipe album. Including memories about favorite recipes can make a recipe card album more than just a cookbook.



Place each layout into a page protector in your album.This will keep your recipe album clean, even if you use it often.


Tips & Warnings

Consider scanning and printing your finished pages to share with your family. You can also create your recipe album digitally and print the finished pages.

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