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Old Public Baths, Water Reservoirs and Historical Caves, Fars 

vakil bath, shiraz

Afif Abad Bath, Shiraz 

It is situated to the north of the Afif Abad Garden, museum or edifice. The interior walls have been ornamented with characteristic plaster works and painting of men and women of the Qajar period.

Baq-e-Neshat Bath, Shiraz 

This bath located to the north of Baq-e-Neshat Garden, is composed of two rooms each with a small dome. One of the domes is erected on pillars with intricate spirals which open out to the garden. The paintings on the walls are quite refined and delicate.

Seyyed Jafari Water Reservoir, Lar 

This reservoir which has an interesting dome is one of the oldest water reservoirs in Lar. The diameter of the dome is 14 m. with a height of 10 m. The water level reaches 20 m. and it is distributed through a system of channels, which was built in the Safavid period. 

Vakil Bath, Shiraz 

It is located near the Vakil Mosque. Due to change in the conditions of public baths, it has lost its original shape. The Vakil Bath is a monument of the Zand period.

Historical Caves 

Sheikh Ali Cave, Haji Abad, Kazeroon 

At the distance of 5 km. east of Naqsh-e-Rostam and along the ruins of Estakhr, there is a cave. These are in commemoration of nine monuments built by the order of Shapour I and contemplate his ability in handling arms. There is very narrow path by the cave that leads to the tomb of Sheikh Ali, a Gnostic.

Tang-e-Chowgan Cave, Kazeroon 

In the Chowgan Valley there is a rather large cave in which a huge statue of Shapour I has been carved. The length of cave entrance is about 16 m., with a height of less than 8 m. The height of statue is 7 m. high and its shoulders are 2 m. wide, and its hands are 3 m. long. It is said that in addition to this giant statue of Shapour I, the tomb of this great man is also situated in this cave most probably.

darvazeh qur’an (qur’an gate), shiraz

Other Historical Monuments

Darvazeh Qur’an (Qur’an Gate), Shiraz 

At the entrance of the Shiraz city and in the Allaho Akbar Gorge, about 1000 years ago a gate was built on top of which Karim Khan Zand consequently built a small room containing a Qur’an.

In 1938 due to road developments the old monument was destroyed. About ten years later the gate was restored and ever since it is known as the Qur’an Gate.

Other Historical Monuments, Fars 

Other historical monuments of the province include: The Emarat Building in Rostam Village in Mamasani, Divan Khaneh edifice in Shiraz and Dahan Shir in Lar.

Source: chnpress.com

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