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Penguin Booklet

penguin booklet

You will need:

• Black construction paper or card

• White construction paper or card for tummy

• Yellow paper scrap

• White (or other colour) paper for pages of booklet

• Googly eyes

• Glue stick


To make the cover of the penguin booklet, fold a piece of black construction paper or card in half. Place our cover template on the fold as marked and cut out. Decorate with an oval of white card or paper for the tummy and a triangle of yellow card or paper for the beak. Add two wobbly eyes.

For the inside pages, fold 3 or 4 pieces of white paper in half and place our template onto the fold. Cut out.

To assemble, layer the pages inside the cover and, using a strong stapler (with adult help) staple through all the layers.

penguin booklet _ printable

Source: activityvillage.co.uk

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