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An Episode


The sea does roar

Nobody is visible near the shore,

No speck you can see over the dark see

To presume it is a boat

Approaching the shore.

A boat has survived near the shore

Night covering its head,

Its body from a dark path

Immersed in to the bitter perception.

Nobody is there to come

And cast the boat in the sea

And at a moment when every high wave

Speaks to the hidden ear

A disturbed wave arrives to tell

The story of a stormy night

That night the fisherman had gone

To fish from the sea

And dig out that which he

Had dreamed in his fancy.

Next morning when no wave

Jolted with another wave on the sea,

The fisher’s eye could see

A boat on the water in whose mouth

There was the news of accident of the day before.

Then they pulled the boat to the sleepy shore,

Where it is now lying.

And at this very sad moment

Near the boat

The sea is boiling

And wave arrivers from distance to speak again

Of a stormy night,

But the story is brief.



 مي خروشد دريا

هيچكس نيست به ساحل دريا

لكه اي نيست به دريا تاريك

كه شود قايق

اگر آيد نزديك

مانده بر ساحل

قايقي ريخته شب بر سر او

پيكرش را ز رهي نا روشن

برده در تلخي ادراك فرو

هيچكس نيست كه آيد از راه

و به آب افكندش

و دير وقت كه هر كوهه آب

حرف با گوش نهان مي زندش

موجي آشفته فرا مي رسد از راه كه گويد با ما

قصه يك شب طوفاني را

رفته بود آن شب ماهي گير

تا بگيرد از آب

آنچه پيوندي داشت

با خيالي در خواب

صبح آن شب ، كه به دريا موجي

تن نمي كوفت به موجي ديگر

چشم ماهي گيران ديد

قايقي را به ره آب كه داشت

بر لب از حادثه تلخ شب پيش خبر

پس كشاندند سوي ساحل خواب آلودش

به همان جاي كه هست

در همين لحظه غمناك بجا

و به نزديكي او

مي خروشد دريا

وز ره دور فرا مي رسد آن موج كه مي گويد باز

از شب طوفاني

داستاني نه دراز

By Sohrab sepehri

Source: sohrab.ir

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