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Fruits, veggies give skin healthy glow

eating fruits

Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables is not only good for health but can also boost beauty by tinting skin yellow and red, a new UK study suggests.

Researchers at the University of St Andrews in Scotland have brought a new motivation especially to women to allocate a larger share of their daily diet to veggies and fruits.

According to their article published in the American Journal of Public Health, two extra daily portions of fruit and vegetables can change the skin color within six weeks.

David Perrett and colleagues at the University of St Andrews recruited 35 students and followed their diet and changes in skin color over 6 weeks.

Their findings showed that even a small increase in daily share of fruits and veggies had an observable influence on skin tone.

“People who eat more fruit and vegetables have a ‘golden’ skin tone that looks healthy and attractive,”‌ said co-author Ross Whitehead.

“Our latest research finds that even small improvements in diet produce visible benefits to skin color. We were very surprised by how quick the changes were."

Beta carotene, a precursor to vitamin A which gives carrots the orange color, helps giving a yellowish-orange tint to the skin while lycopene that gives tomatoes and red peppers their vibrant hues brings skin a red tint, researchers added.

They highlighted that eating much larger amounts of fruits and vegetables could make skin take on an even healthier glow in the long run.

Source: presstv.com

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