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The Important Choice in Karbala (Part 2)

imam hussein (a.s)

The history of Islam is full of contradicting features. The two lines starting from Habil and Qabil, existing throughout the history side by side though in different faces, have also continued in Islam. Now, both these streams are dressed in Islam, but in opposite directions. Ironically, our hero is faced to choose between the most extreme end sins each of these parties:

Yazid, and Hussein.

Indeed, had this story been created by an author, he should have been recognized for his genuine and art...

What is the name of this hero? For a historic figure, what is important is the role he plays, and not his name, since his name is something chosen for him by his family, according to his parent's taste. On the other hand, if the story is created by an ingenious writer, he would choose a name which is relevant to the role of his hero.

In this story however, our hero has been named by his mother, Hurr, as if she has been able to foresee the sensitive role his son is going to play. And thus, when the Imam of freedom attends his bloody body, just before his death, tells him: O Hurr! God bless you! You are free both in this world and in the world to come, just like what your mother called you!

Although Hurr has played a unique role in the history, the essence of his role is not just confined to himself. The meaning of his action, in fact, includes all human-beings, and indeed defines humanity.

It is what distinguishes the human-beings from other creatures, underlining the responsibility of man with respect to God, people, and himself. And Hurr has not played this with words and concepts, but with love and blood. If one grasps the depth of this saying from Imam Sadiq(A.S) that All days are Ashura, and all places are Karbala, and all months are Muharam one readily feels the extension: and all human-beings are Hurr!

Our history, starting from Habil and Qabil, is the manifestation of the eternal conflict between the two poles of God and Satan, though in each period of time these two poles have disguised differently. Therefore, in each period of time, every human-being finds himself just in the same position as Hurr did: alone, in the middle, hesitating, between the same two armies.

On the one side, the commander of the army of evil shouts on his soldiers: O Army of God! Attack! And on the other side, an Imam, with a voice echoing throughout the history asks -and not commands- Is there anybody who wishes to assist me? And you, the man, should choose.

It is by this choice that you become human. Before this choice you are nothing, you are just an existence without essence, you are standing in the middle.

imam hussein (a.s)

Thus, the man who has found existence through birth finds essence through choice. It is by this choice, that the creation of man completes, and this is exactly when the man feels this heavy burden on his shoulders and finds himself alone, as God and the nature have left him on his own on this dangerous decision.

Now we can evaluate our hero, we can feel what a long journey he has gone through in what a short time, to change him from a Yazidian Hurr, to a Husseinian Hurr. If he stays with the army of Yazid, his world is guaranteed, and if he joins the small army of Hussein, his death is eminent. It is the morning of the day of Ashura, and although the battle has not yet started in the fields, Hurr realizes that the opportunity would not last. Time goes by fast, and the moments count. The storm has already started within him.

by: Dr. Ali Shariati

Source: rafed.net

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