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The Tombs of Fars province

khajoo-e-kermani tomb, shiraz

Goor-e-Dokhtar Tomb, Kazeroon

Dating back to the Achaemenian period, the Goor Dokhtar Tomb is located in the Jereh Village. This historical monument is composed of a rectangular room with a gable roof standing on a platform with three steps. The presence of segregated sections at the top and bottom of the Goor Dokhtar construction, was for placing dead bodies, indicates a dual burial system.

Hafiz Tomb, Shiraz

Hafiz is one of the most famous Gnostics and poets of Iran, who was born in Shiraz in 726 A.H. and passed away 65 years later.

The tomb of Hafiz also known as Hafizieh is located north of Shiraz and comprises of two gardens. Many people still come to pay homage to this master of poetry. The mausoleum itself is located in a lovely garden, and has an atmosphere of peace and calm that is quite unique.

Jamasb Grave, Koradeh Village, Jahrom

Located close to the Karadeh Village, at the distance of less than 2 km., on the top of a comparatively low mountain, a cubical stony platform exists. Each side of this cube is 5.5 m. wide and 6 m. high. This stony platform is known as Jamasb Tomb.

Khajoo-e-Kermani Tomb, Shiraz

The tomb of Kamaledin Abu Ata known as Khajoo (689-756 A.H.) is located in the Allah Akbar Gorge close to the Qur’an Gate of Shiraz. It is the tomb of a famous Iranian poet and Gnostic. This memorial was completely renovated in recent years.

Koorosh Kabir (Great Cyrus) Tomb, Shiraz-Esfahan Rd.

On the Shiraz - Esfahan Road and in the Morqab plains, this rectangular monument is built on a six-storey platform. On the top floor, which is 3 m. high, there are two tombs, one belonging to Koorosh, and the other to his wife Kassandan mother of Kamboujieh. These two graves are interconnected by a meter long and 35 cm. wide corridor.

 Sa’di Tomb, Shiraz

Sa’di, a keen traveler and famous Gnostic, was a known poet of the 7th century A.H. he was born in Shiraz and passed away between the years 695-691 A.H.

 In 1942, the present building was constructed by the Association for National Arts and the tomb of Sa’di was placed in an octagonal mausoleum with high dome and interesting tile works.

 sa’di tomb, shiraz

Shah Shoja’ Mozafari Tomb, Shiraz

In Takht-e-Zarabi and to the west of Tekiyeh-ye-Haft Tanan, the tomb of the most reputed monarch of the Mozafar Dynasty, i.e., Abolfovares Shah Shoja’ son of Amir Mobarezedin exists. In 1971 a memorial was constructed on his grave which is of special value from architectural and historical point of view.

Sheikh Kabir (Ebne Hanif) Tomb, Shiraz

Abu Abdollah Sheikh Muhammad Ben Hanif, known as Sheikh Kabir was one of the greatest Gnostics and Sheikhs of Shiraz. At present the tomb stone of the Sheikh is located behind the Vakil Bazaar, in a room furnished by tiles. In the Atabakan period, Atabak Zangi Ben Modood, repaired this tomb and later on it was renewed again.

Sheikh Roozbehan Tomb, Shiraz

This building which is a tomb of one of the known Iranian Gnostics is located in the east Shiraz. At present only a small part of this tomb has remained and the tombs of the Sheikh along with those of his sons and grand children are located within the area. In 1967 a new structure was constructed on these graves.

Sibveyh Tomb, Shiraz 

Abu Bashar Amrobne Osman known as Sibveyh was one of the most famous scientist of the time. He is the author of the book "Alketab". His tomb is located in Sang-e-Siyah to the north of Kazeroon Gate of Shiraz. Recently an interesting structure has been constructed on his tomb.

Other Tombs, Fars

Other historical tombs of province include: Shah Da’ie Ala Allah mausoleum, Sheikh Muhammad Lahiji mausoleum, Seyed Mir Muammad mausoleum, Sheikh Aqta’ mausoleum, Seyed Tajedin Qarib mausoleum in Shiraz, Imamzadeh Bareiz in Lar, Sheikh Moniredin shrine in Mamasani.

goor-e-dokhtar tomb, kazeroon

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