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Apple Dessert

apple dessert

The amount is given according to your measurement tool.


• One fourth butter

• Sugar powder; one fourth

• Flour; half

• Egg; one

• Baking powder; One teaspoon

• Almond powder; One fourth

• Salt; a pinch

• Cinnamon; a pinch


Mix the butter with the sugar powder, cinnamon and salt until you have alight and creamy mixture.

Add the eggs and mix it. Now add the almond powder and mix it. Mix the flour with the baking powder and sieve it on the mixture and do this in a circular movement until it mixes well. Put the final mixture in molds and place the filled sliced apples inside the mixture. Place the dish of the cake molds in oven for 25 minutes with 180 degrees. The height of the cake mixture should not rise above the apple halves.Fill in the apples with raisins and marzipan, and place the cinnamon pieces in the holes.

apple dessert

Source: Zamzam magezine

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