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Where is Mina?

Mina is the place where people return to after standing in ‘Arafah, and it is the place where the sacrifice is given and the stoning is done during what is called the days and nights of al-Tashriq. The distance of Mina is approximately six kilometres to

the north of Mecca.

Boundaries Of Mina:

The boundaries of Mina are:

from the side of Mecca it is Jamarah al-‘Aqabah, which is the place where the Ansar of Medina made their bai’ah to the Prophet (s.a.w) before the Hijrah, and from the side of Muzdalifah is Mahsar valley. The chapter of Kawthar descended in Mina and the Prophet (s.a.w) would stay in this place throughout the manasik.

 Ibn ‘Abbas narrates that Mina was named so because when Gabriel (a.s) was going to depart with Adam he asked him: What do wish? He said: I wish heaven. So Mina was called so because of Adams wish (umniyah). 


Sites in Mina:

Sites in Mina: al-Kheef mosque, al-Kawthar mosque, al-Kabsh mosque, al-Bai’ah mosque, Mina mosque, al-Mursalaat cave, the three Jamaraat, the place of sacrifice (al-Manhar).

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