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Arresting of Muslim bin Aqeel

imam hussein (a.s)

In Kamile Bahai it is stated that when Muslim bin Aqeel heard the voice of the neighing of the horses, he recited the supplications. Then he wore his armour and told Taw’ah, “Verily you have done goodness and have favored me, and you have earned your share of intercession of the Holy Prophet of Allah (PBUH) who is the Master of men and genie. Last night I had seen my uncle, the Commander of the faithful Imam Ali (A.S), in a dream, who told me that tomorrow I would be alongside him.”

Abul Faraj says that when Muslim heard the sound of the hooves of the horses and voices of the people, he perceived that they had come for him and he unsheathed his sword. The people had entered the house and scattered therein, seeing this he attacked them fiercely. When they saw this, they ran up to the roof and started hurling stones and burning wood upon his head. When Muslim saw this he muttered to himself, “Verily this struggle is for the sake of the murder of the son of Aqeel.” Then he drew his sword and confronted them in the streets.

Mas’oodi and others say that when combat ensued between Muslim bin Aqeel (A.S) and Bukayr bin Humran Ahmari, Bukayr struck the mouth of Muslim bin Aqeel with his sword, which cut the upper lip and landed on the lower one cutting it too. Muslim dealt a terrible blow upon his head and another on his shoulder, which reached his stomach.

Muslim killed fortyone people out of them. Muhammad bin Abu Talib says that when Muslim had killed numerous men, and this news reached Ubaydullah, he dispatched someone to Muhammad bin al-Aash’as with a message that, “We have sent you to fight a single man and commanded you to bring him to us, while a severe crack is visible among your men. Then what would be your state if we sent you to someone other than him”? Muhammad replied back, “O commander! Do you think that you have sent us in pursuit of a vegetable vendor of Kufa or a foreign refugee? Do you not know that you have sent us against a a swordsman, and a renowned champion, who is from the family of the best of creations.” Ubaydullah sent a reply saying, “Offer protection to him until you gain control over him.”

Sayyed Ibne Tawoos in his Malhoof writes that when Muslim (A.S) heard the sound of the hooves of the horses, he wore his armor and mounted his horse. Then he attacked the army of Ubaydullah until he had killed numerous among them. Muhammad bin al-Aash’as called out to him in a loud voice, “O Muslim! There is protection for you.”

When Muslim heard him he said “I swear, I will only be killed as a freeman.”

In Manaqib of Ibne Shahr Ashob it is written that Muslim bin Aqeel (A.S) was wounded such severely with the arrows and stones that he was exhausted and sat with his back leaning against a wall. Then he said, “What is the matter that you have been hurling stones at me as is done to an infidel, while I am from the Household of the ethical Prophet. Do you not have regard for the Household (Ahl-ul-Bayt) of the Prophet due to his right”? Then Muhammad bin al-Aash’as said, “Do not kill yourself, verily you are under my protection.” Muslim replied, “I shall not surrender to be imprisoned by you until the strength remains within me, by Allah, this will never happen.” Saying this he attacked them. Then someone attacked him from behind with a spear and he fell down from his horse and was thus arrested.

Taken from books: NAFASUL MAHMOOM and The Hidden Truth About Karbala

By Haj Shaikh Abbas Qummi (a.r) and A.K.ahmed B.Sc., B. L.

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