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Arresting of Hani by ibn Ziyad

imam hussein (a.s)

When Muslim learnt of the arrival of Ibn Ziyad and the strict orders issued by him, he left al-Mukhtar’s house and took shelter with Hani Ibn Urwa.

Ibn Ziyad had great respect for Hani. When ibn Ziyad learnt that Hani was ill, he sent word that he would visit him in is house at night. Hani detested Ibn Ziyad for his cruelty and hatred to the Ahl-ul-Bayt (A.S). Hani told Muslim ibn Aqeel that since ibn Ziyad was a cruel hypocrite, he deserved to be killed. This proposed visit was the best opportunity to get rid of this wretch. Hani gave a sword to Muslim and suggested that he (Muslim) should hide himself behind the curtains and at a given signal attack and kill Ibn Ziyad while he was engaged in conversation. Hani, however, gave the prearranged signal, but Muslim remained in his room. Hani started asking for water. As Muslim ibn Aqeel failed to carry out the plan, Hani repeated his request thrice.

Later Hani questioned Muslim as to why he lost an opportunity to eliminate an inveterate enemy of the Ahl-ul-Bayt. Muslim ibn Aqeel replied that the Prophet (A.S) and his progeny had never been aggressors. They never took anyone by surprise or stabbed him from the back. They never would kill a guest even he was their enemy.

When Ma’qal found Muslim ibn Aqeel’s shelter, he returned to the palace and informedeturned to the palace Ibn Ziyad. Then Ibn Ziyad sent for Usama ibn Khadija and Amr bin al-Hajjaj az-Zubaidi to inquire about Hani. They replied that Hani was ill and bedridden. Ibn Ziyad said that he had information that Hani was only pretending to be sick. Ibn Ziyad asked Usama and Amr to fetch Hani. When Hani was brought, Ibn Ziyad asked whether he was sheltering Muslim ibn Aqeel. When Hani evaded giving a direct reply, Ibn Ziyad called for Ma’qal, the spy, and asked Hani if he knew Ma’qal. Hani realized that he was trapped.

Ibn Ziyad asked Hani to deliver Muslim ibn Aqeel, and when Hani refused to hand over Muslim, Ibn Ziyad hit Hani on the face with his stick and broke hiss nose. Hani was then locked up in a room.

When Hani’s tribesmen found that Hani had not returned from ibn Ziyad, they surrounded the palace and threatened to assault ibn Ziyad. Hani’s tribesmen were valiant warriors. Fearing an uprising, Ibn Ziyad called for Shuraih (the judge) and asked him to see for himself that Hani was very much alive, and to report the matter to Hani’s tribesmen and to ask them to go home. Shuraih found that Hani, though alive, was severely beaten and he was bleeding. Hani asked Shuraih to inform his condition to his tribesmen. Shuraih wanted to report what he found, but ibn Ziyad threatened to kill him if he reported anything except that Hani was alive. On being assured by Shuraih that Hani was alive, his tribesmen left the palace.

Taken from books: NAFASUL MAHMOOM, The Hidden Truth About Karbala

By Haj Shaikh Abbas Qummi (a.r.) and A.K.ahmed B.Sc., B. L.

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