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Imam’s letter to the noblemen of Basra (Part 2)

imam hussein (a.s)

Hearing this Bani Hanzalah said, "O Aba Khalid! (Referring to Yazeed bin Mas’ood) We are the quiver of your arrows and the champions of the clan. If you hurl us (towards the enemy) we shall fall upon the target, and if you accompany us in the battlefield you shall emerge a victor. If you enter the depths of the sea we too shall accompany you, and turn to whichever side you turn to. We shall defend you with our swords and our bodies shall be your shield. We are at your disposal whenever you need us."

Then Bani Sa’ad bin Yazeed said, "O Aba Khalid! The most abhorred thing in our sight is opposing you and failing to accept your command. Verily Sakhr bin Qays had forbade us to fight (on the day of the battle of Jamal) and we were pleased by this act of ourselves and our dignity remained intact. You may give us respite so that we may counsel among ourselves and let you know our opinions regarding it."

While the Bani Amir bin Tameem said, "O Aba Khalid! We are the children of your father and your confederates. If you are displeased, we shall not remain satisfied, and if you leave, we shall not linger behind. Hence command us so that we may respond, and call us so that we may obey you. Verily command is with you."

Then he told the Bani Sa’ad, "O Bani Sa’ad! By Allah! Then if you are in doubt and you shall side with the Bani Umayyah (and fail to assist Hussein), Allah will never lift the sword away from your necks, while you still hold your swords."

Then he (Yazeed bin Mas’ood) wrote a reply to Imam Hussein (a.s), "Now then! We have received you letter and have pondered over that which you have invited, that we may have our share of obedience to you and we may attain the excellence of assisting you. Allah never lets the earth to remain empty of His Vicegerent, who is benevolent and the guide to the path of salvation. Verily you are Allah’s proof over His creation and His trust upon the earth. You are a branch of the olive tree of Mohammad (PBUH). He was the origin while you are the branch. Hasten to us with felicitations, for I have brought the necks of Bani Tameem under your command and they shall excel each other in your obedience like the thirsty Lions who make haste to drink water. Besides I have brought the Bani Sa’ad under your submission and have washed the filth from their hearts with (rain) water falling from the clouds."

When Imam Hussein (A.S) read the contents of the letter he said:"What else do you desire. May Allah grant you security on the day of fright (Qiyamah) and quench your thirst on the day of extreme thirst and endear you."

When Yazeed bin Mas’ood was just preparing to proceed towards the Imam, he received the news of his martyrdom. Hence he lamented over the loss of this grace (of Martyrdom).

When Mundhir bin Jarood, received the letter of Imam Hussein (A.S) he brought it along with Imam’s messenger to the presence of Ubaydullah bin Ziyad, for he feared that it might be a conspiracy by Ubaydullah himself, while his daughter Bahriyah was the wife of Ubaydullah. Ubaydullah sent the messenger of Imam to the gallows and ascended the pulpit and recited a sermon, in which he admonished the people of Basra against opposition and revolt. That night he spent in Basra and the next morning he appointed his brother Usman bin Ziyad his Vicegerent and hastened towards Kufa.

Taken from the book named: NAFASUL MAHMOOM

By Haj Shaikh Abbas Qummi (a.r)

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