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Imam’s letter to the noblemen of Basra (Part 1)

imam hussein (a.s)

It is quoted by Sayyed ibne Tawoos in Malhoof that Imam Hussein (A.S) sent a letter to a group of righteous noblemen of Basra through his retainer named Sulayman, whose agnomen was Abu Razeen, inviting them for assistance and obedience to him. Those included therein were Yazeed bin Mas’ood Nahsha­li and Mundhir bin Jarood Abadi.

 Yazeed bin Mas’ood then gathered the people of Bani Tameem, Bani Hanzalah and Bani Sa’ad. When they came he said, "O people of Bani Tameem! What is my position and descent in your eyes"? They replied, "It is fair. By Allah! You are a support of our backs and the prime of nobility, and hold a place in noble presence and you take lead in it." Then he said, "I have gathered all of you here so that I may ask your opinion regarding a matter and invite your assistance for it." They said, "By Allah! We are your well-wishers and we shall not be reluctant to counsel you sincerely. You may say, so that we may know what it is." Yazeed bin Mas’ood said, "Mu’awiyah has died, and we do not grieve nor regret his death, because the doors of injustice and tyranny have cracked and the pillars of oppression have been given a severe blow. He has made innovations in the form of (demanding) allegiance for his son (Yazeed) and he was adamant about it, when how far from right is it what he had decided. He endeavored but was weakened and he asked for counsel and opinion from his friends, but they betrayed him. Then his son Yazeed who drinks wine and is wicked has arisen and has claimed to be the Caliph of the Muslims. He rules over them without their consent in spite of being an ignorant and foolish man, he cannot even recognize his own footsteps. I swear by Allah, that fighting Yazeed is more worthy than fighting with the polytheists. And this is Hussein bin Ali, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He is of genuine dignity, an honest counselor, a great intellectual, and is more worthy and rightful for the Caliphate. For he is an antecedent among the emigrants, a senior, and foremost in Religion, he is attached in proximity to the Prophet. He is affectionate towards the young and sympathetic towards the elders while being kind to others. He is a thorough Leader, and Paradise is attained through his medium, while he propagates through preaching and counsel. Hence do not close your eyes against the Light of Truth and do not fall into the pit of falsehood. Sakhr bin Qays misled you on the day of (the battle of) Jamal and disgraced you, hence wash off the stains of disgrace from yourselves by assisting the grandson of the Prophet. By Allah! None will withhold their hands from assisting him except that their progeny will be humiliated, deprived and abandoned. I have now worn the helmet for the battle and have fastened the armor. For the one who is not killed will ultimately die and the one who flees from it will not escape it. Thus answer me well, may Allah’s blessings be upon you."

Taken from the book named: NAFASUL MAHMOOM

By Haj Shaikh Abbas Qummi (a.r)

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