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No’man bin Basheer issues warning to the people of Kufa

imam hussein (a.s)

This news reached No’man bin Basheer, who was made the governor of Kufa by Mu’awiyah and Yazeed too had let him remain in his place. He ascended the pulpit and after Praising and Glorifying Allah said, “Now then! O slaves of Allah! Fear Allah and do not make haste in spreading mischief and discord, for it will result in the murder of men, bloodshed and confiscation of wealth. I do not fight the one who does not confront me, nor do I advance towards the one who does not advance towards me. I do not vilify you nor do I call for account anyone by mere suspicion or accusation. But if you turn your face away from me and break the oath of allegiance or try to oppose your Imam (Mu’awiyah) then by Allah, besides whom there is no other Diety, I shall then strike you with my sword until its hilt remains in my hand even if there does not remain my supporter among you. Yet I hope that those among you who know the truth are numerous than those whom falsehood will (ultimately) destroy.”

Abdullah bin Muslim bin Rabi’ah Hazrami, who was an ally of the Bani Umayyah stood up and said, “This mischief which you now see will not cease except by the use of force, and this attitude which you have towards the enemies is that of the timid ones.” No’man replied, “If I remain timid while obeying Allah, then I cherish it than remaining mighty while disobeying Him”, saying this he alighted from the pulpit and left. Abdullah bin Muslim came out and then wrote a letter to Yazeed bin Mu’awiyah saying, “Muslim bin Aqeel has come to Kufa and the Shea have pledged the oath of allegiance to him on behalf of Hussein bin Ali. Then if you desire that Kufa should remain under your domain, dispatch a powerful man who would implement your orders and act according to your command. For No’man bin Basheer is a feeble man or is deliberately showing as weak.”

Ammarah bin Uqbah and Umar bin Sa’ad bin Abi Waqqas too wrote similar letters to Yazeed. When these letters reached Yazeed he called for Sarjoon, the slave of Mu’awiyah and said, “Hussein has sent Muslim bin Aqeel to Kufa and people have started pledging their oath of allegiance to him, while No’man is a feeble man and there are other bad reports regarding him. According to your opinion whom should I nominate as the governor of Kufa in his stead”? During that period Yazeed was annoyed with Ubaydullah bin Ziyad. Sarjoon replied, “

If today Mu’awiyah becomes alive would you listen to his counsel”? Yazeed replied in the affirmative. Sarjoon produced a letter of Mu’awiyah appointing Ubaydullah bin Ziyad as the governor of Kufa, and then said, “This is the advice of Mu’awiyah, for when he was about to die, he intended bestowing the governorship of Kufa and Basra both to Ubaydullah.”

Yazeed agreed and sent a message to Ubaydullah. Then he called for Muslim bin Amr Bahilee, the father of Qutaybah, and handed over a letter in the name of Ubaydullah whose contents were as follows: “Now then! My followers in Kufa have written to me that the son of Aqeel is gathering troops to spread rebellion among the Muslims. Then when you read my letter, hasten towards Kufa and search for the son of Aqeel as if you were looking for a bead, until you find him. Then bind him (in chains), either kill him or banish him from the city. Salutations.” Yazeed also gave him the authority for the Governorship of Kufa. Muslim bin Amr proceeded until he reached Ubaydullah at Basra. As soon as Ubaydullah received the command and authority, he ordered to prepare the journey scheduled for the next day.

Taken from the book named: NAFASUL MAHMOOM

By Haj Shaikh Abbas Qummi (a.r)

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