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Conversation of Jabir bin Abdullah Ansari with Imam Hussein (A.S)

imam hussein (a.s)

Sayyed Bahrani in Madinatul Ma’ajiz quotes from Saqibul Manaqib, and others quote from Manaqibus Sua’da that Jabir bin Abdullah Ansari says, that when Imam Hussein (A.S) intended going towards Iraq, I came to his presence and said, "You are the son of the Prophet of Allah and one of his two endeared grand children. I do not hold any other opinion except that you too enter into a peace-treaty (with Yazeed) as your brother had done with Mu’awiyah, and verily he was trustworthy and rightly guided." Imam Hussein replied:

"O Jabir! Whatever my brother did was ordained by Allah and the Prophet, and whatever I shall do too shall be according to the command of Allah and His Prophet.

Do you wish that at this very moment I invite the Holy Prophet, Imam Ali, and my brother Hassan to testify regarding my action"?

Then Imam looked towards the heavens, suddenly I saw that the doors of heavens opened ajar and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Imam Ali (A.S), Imam Hassan (A.S), Hazrat Hamza (A.S), Hazrat Ja’far ibn Tayyar (A.S) and (my uncle) Zaid descended from the heavens upon the earth. Seeing this I became frightful, when the Prophet said;

"O Jabir! Did not I inform you prior to Hussein during the time of Hassan that you would not become a believer unless you surrendered to the Imams and not object to their actions? Do you desire to see the place where Mu’awiyah will dwell and the place of my son Hussein and of his murderer Yazeed"?

I replied in the affirmative. Then the Prophet struck his foot onto the ground and it tore apart and another ground appeared beneath. Then I saw a river flowing, which also tore apart, underneath which was another ground. Thus seven layers of the ground and rivers ripped apart (one below the other) until there appeared hell. I saw that Waleed bin Mughirah, Abu Jahl, Mu’awiyah and Yazeed were bound together in a chain along with the other rebellious Satan. And their torment was more severe than that of the other people of hell. Then the Holy Prophet commanded me to lift my head. I saw that the heavens had opened their doors and Paradise was apparent. Then all those blessed people who had descended from there returned. When they were in the air the Prophet called out to Imam Hussein,

"Come and mingle with me my dear Hussein."

I saw that Hussein ascended too and joined them onto the high status in Paradise. The Holy Prophet then caught hold of the hand of Hussein and told me,

"O Jabir! This son of mine is here along with me, submit to him and do not fall in doubt so as to become a believer."

Jabir says that, "May both my eyes turn blind if whatever I have seen and related from the Prophet is false."

Taken from the book named: NAFASUL MAHMOOM

By Haj Shaikh Abbas Qummi (a.r)

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