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Discourse of Allamah Majlisi in Bihaar al-Anwaar

imam hussein (a.s)

Allamah Majlisi relates in Bihar al-Anwar that Muhammad bin Abu Talib Musawi says, that when Waleed received the letter to slay Imam Hussein (A.S) it was very hard upon him and he said:

"By Allah! May Allah not let me witness the murder of the son of His Prophet, even if Yazeed gives me the entire the world and whatever is contained therein in lieu of it."

It is said that one night Imam Hussein (A.S) stepped out of his house and went to the head of the grave of his Grandfather and said:

"Salutations be upon you O Prophet of Allah! I am Hussein the son of Fatimah (A.S). I am your beloved and the child of your beloved. I am your son whom you have left as your heir among your ummah. Thus O Prophet of Allah! Be a witness that these people have deserted me and neglected me while refusing to protect me. This is my complaint to you until I come to your presence."

Then he arose and started reciting the Prayers, constantly bowing and prostrating. Waleed went to his house to inquire whether the Imam had left Medina or not. When he saw that the Imam was not there he said, "Thanks to Allah that he has left and I have been saved from being indicted and involved in spilling his blood." Then Imam returned to his home and on the second night he again went to the grave of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and recited some units of Prayers. After finishing the Prayers he said:

"O Allah! This is the grave of Your Prophet, and I am the grandson of Your Prophet. You are aware as to what has befallen me. Verily I cherish virtue and righteousness and abhor evil. O Lord of Glory and Honor! I adjure You by the right of this grave and the one who is buried therein, to bring forth for me that which is approved by You and Your Prophet."

Imam continued weeping until the morning, and then he placed his head on the grave and slept for a short time. He dreamt that the Prophet (PBUH), surrounded by the Angels from the left, right and front, coming towards him. The Prophet came near and pressed Imam Hussein’s head to his chest. Then he kissed him between his eyes and said:

"O my beloved Hussein! It is as if I see you smeared in blood at the place of grief and trials, and groups from among my people have beheaded you, and you are thirsty while they do not quench your thirst. In spite of this they desire my intercession (on the Day of Judgment). May Allah keep them away from my intercession.

O my beloved Hussein! Your Father, Mother and Brother have come to me and they are desirous of meeting you. And you have acquired such a lofty position in Paradise by Martyrdom."

Imam Hussein (A.S) arose from his sleep alarmed and narrated his dream to his family and the progeny of Abdul Muttalib. On that day no one in the world was more grievous and sorrowful than the family of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Taken from the book named: NAFASUL MAHMOOM

By Haj Shaikh Abbas Qummi (a.r)

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