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The governor of Medina and Imam Hussein (A.S)

imam hussein (a.s)

When Yazeed had taken the oath of allegiance for the Caliphate from the people, he wrote a letter to Waleed bin Utba informing him of the death of Mu’awiyah. In a short letter he wrote, "Now then! Ask for the oath of allegiance from Hussein, Abdullah bin Umar and Abdullah bin Zubayr, and do not give them respite until they do so." When Waleed read about the death of Mu’awiyah, he was alarmed and the news disturbed him, thus reluctantly he summoned Marwan bin Hakam. Marwan was the governor of Medina before Waleed, and hence when Waleed became the governor, he hated and abused him while seperating himself from him for a long time until the news of the death of Mu’awiyah and the demand of allegiance from the people reached him. This being difficult for him, he called for Marwan. When Marwan came, Waleed read the contents of the letter to him. When Marwan heard it he recited "Verily we are Allah’s and verily unto Him shall we return", and he prayed for blessings to be bestowed upon Mu’awiyah. When Waleed asked his advice regarding the issue, Marwan replied, "In my opinion, before announcing the death of Mu’awiyah, summon these persons this very moment (and ask them to swear the oath of allegiance for Yazeed). If they refuse, cut off their necks before they learn about Mu’awiyah’s death. For if they become slightly aware of this, each one of them will go away to different places and start revolting, and shall claim themselves eligible for the Caliphate."

Waleed called for Abdullah bin Amr bin Usman, who was just a lad, to summon Imam Hussein (A.S) and Abdullah bin Zubayr to meet him. It was a time when Waleed usually did not meet anyone. Abdullah bin Amr saw them seated in the Mosque and conveyed Waleed’s message to meet them. They told him to go back and that they would soon follow him. Abdullah bin Zubayr turned towards Imam Hussein (A.S) and said, "In your opinion what is the reason for Waleed to call us to meet him at this unusual hour"? Imam replied, "I presume that their leader of rebels has died and he has called us to swear the oath of allegiance to Yazeed before the news spreads among other people." Abdullah too consented to it and asked as to what he would do. Imam replied that he would go to meet Waleed accompanied by some youths.

Then he called for a group from among his relatives and said:

"Lift up your arms, for Waleed has called me at this hour and might force me to do that which I detest. I do not trust him, thus remain with me. When I go inside to meet him, you all sit at the door, and when you hear my voice raised, barge inside to defend me."

When Imam came to Waleed, he saw Marwan sitting with him. Waleed gave the news of the death of Mu’awiyah to Imam Hussein (A.S) and recited: "Verily we are Allah’s and verily unto Him shall we return." Then Waleed read the letter of Yazeed and his order to get the pledge of allegiance for him. Imam replied:

"I understand that you shall not agree if I swear the oath of allegiance in secrecy and privately until and unless I do so publicly so that people may be informed about it."

Waleed replied in the affirmative. Imam Husain said:

"In that case wait until dawn."

Waleed replied, "As you desire. You may go in Allah’s refuge, until you come to me with the people." Marwan said, "If Hussein goes away from your midst without swearing the oath of allegiance, you will never have the power to ask the allegiance again until much bloodshed between him and you. Hence imprison him till he swears the oath of allegiance, or else cut off his head." Imam Hussein (A.S) arose and said,

"O son of Zarqa! Will you dare to kill me? Verily you have lied and have sinned."

Saying this Imam Hussein came outside and returned with his men to his house. Then Marwan turned towards Waleed and said, "You disobeyed me? By Allah! You will never be able to lay your hands upon him." Waleed replied, "Woe be to your soul which is your own enemy O Marwan! You have advised me regarding that which would ruin my religion. By Allah! I do not like to acquire the wealth and dominion over which the sun rises and sets if it involved the killing of Hussain. Glory be to Allah! I should kill Hussein simply because he refused to swear the oath of allegiance? By Allah! I am convinced that whoever is associated with the killing of Hussein, on the Day of Judgment he (his deeds) will weigh less in scales near Allah." Marwan said, "If this is what you think, and then whatever you did is quite right." Then he returned displeased with him.

When this news reached Yazeed, he deposed Waleed and appointed Marwan as the governor of Medina. After this Imam Hussein (A.S) and Abdullah bin Zubayr left for Mecca, and Abdul Rahman bin Abu Bakr and Abdullah bin Umar were left untouched.

Taken from the book named: NAFASUL MAHMOOM

By Haj Shaikh Abbas Qummi (a.r)

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