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Hafez symposium held in Germany

hafez tomb

The Iranian Embassy in Berlin has held a symposium on prominent Iranian poet Hafez to pay tribute to the world-renowned Persian literary figure.

Many Iranian and international scholars attended the event to honor the memory of Hafez, who inspired many occidental writers with his message of peace and tolerance, the Press TV correspondent in Berlin reported.

The chief of staff of Iran’s Presidential Office, Esfandiyar Rahim-Mashaei, attended the event in which participants delivered lectures on the themes of the mystic’s works.

He told the participants, “To praise the greatness of Hafez is to recognize the importance of friendship and peace.”

German orientalist Hartmut Bobzin from the University of Erlangen noted, “The themes of his poetry are so clear and they can go immediately to the hearts of people. Some deep insights into the nature of the divine and the relation between the divine and the human… For me that’s the great importance of Hafez to the world heritage.”

The works of Hafez were first translated into German in 1812 and inspired Johann Wolfgang von Goethe to write his own West-Eastern Divan published seven years later.

The Persian poet is well known and highly appreciated in Germany through Goethe’s direct reference to Hafez, and a new translation of his works will soon be published in Germany.

Born in 1315, Hafez is best known for his melodious sonnets and for intertwining a taste of Persian culture into his poetry.

Hafez has greatly influenced numerous Persian and Western writers including Ralph Waldo Emerson and Nietzsche.

Source: presstv.ir

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