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100 sayings of Imam Muhammad b. Jafer As-Sadiq (A.S.)

imam sadiq

51- As for those who practice without guidance, they are like him who walks without choosing a definite path. The more he walks, the remoter he becomes.

52- The meaning of Allah's saying, "Have fear of Allah as you should be, (Holy Qur'an 3:102) is that Allah should be obeyed in such a way that He should not be disobeyed, mentioned in such a way that He should not be neglected, and thanked in such a way that He should not be shown ingratitude.

53- He who recognizes Allah accurately will fear Him. He who fears Allah accurately will disregard the worldly pleasures.

54- The actual fearful is that who cannot speak due to the intensity of fear.

55- Imam As-Sadiq(A.S.) was asked about the manners of some people who were committing the acts of disobedience to Allah and claiming that they were desiring for the mercy of Allah and kept on doing so until death attacks them.The Holy Imam(A.S.) said: As for those who act disobediently and claim expecting Allah's mercy until they die, they are rocking on hopes. They are surely liars. They do not expect Allah's mercy. He who expects something should seek it. Likewise, he who fears something should escape it.

56- We love those who are intelligent. knowledgeable, perceptive, expert, clement, courteous, patient, veracious, and loyal. Allah gave the noble characters exclusively to the prophets(a.s). He who enjoys such characters should thank Allah for them. He who does not enjoy them should supplicate to Allah for them. As he was asked about these noble characters, Imam As-Sadiq(A.S.) said: The noble characters are piety, satisfaction, patience, gratefulness, clemency, pudency, generosity, bravery, enthusiasm, veracity, charity, fulfillment of the trusts, conviction, good mannerism, and chivalry.

57- The firmest handle of faith is to love, hate, give, and deprive-all for Allah's sake.

58- Nothing will follow a dead person except three things: an alms that Allah gave permanetly in his life and it will follow him after death, a norm of guidance that others pursue, and a virtuous son that supplicates to Allah for his favor.

59- Lying invalidates the ablution (for the prayers) and breaks the fasting. The attendants said: But we use to tell lies." The Holy Imam(A.S.) said: I do not mean lying due to garrulity, but I mean forging lies against Allah, His Messenger, and the Imams(A.S.). The Holy Imam (A.S.) then added: Fasting is not abstaining from food or drink only. Mary(A.S.) said, -as the Holy Quran reported- "I have promised the Beneficent Allah to fast. (Holy Qur'an19:26) This means to keep silent. Thus, you should keep silent, turn the sights away (from whatever Allah has forbidden), and stop envying and disputing with each other. Envy consumes the faith like the fire when consumes the wood.

60- The Divine Throne will be shaken when one makes Allah the witness of a false matter.

61- Allah knew that sin is better for the believer than self-conceit lest, Allah will never test the believers through the commitment of sins.

62- He whose conducts are bad is tormenting himself.

63- Favor is well-known. Except its reward, nothing is better than doing favor.

64- Nothing like thanks in increasing the favorable matters and nothing like patience in decreasing the unfavorable matters.

65- The most effective soldiers of Eblis are women and rage.

66- The world is the believer's jail, patience is his fortress, and Paradise is his abode. The world is the disbeliever's paradise, grave is his jail, and Hell is his abode.

67- Allah has not created doubtless conviction that is more similar to unspoiled doubt than death.

68- Whenever you see a servant (of Allah) pursuing people's flaws and neglecting his own flaws, you should then realize that he has been trapped (by the Shaitan).

69- The server of food who thanks (Allah for so) will be rewarded as same as those who fast just for gaining the rewards of Allah, and the individual who is cured and thanks (Allah for curing him) will be rewarded as same as the diseased one who is steadfast against that disease (for the sake of Allah).

70- Those who are not scholars should not be regarded as happy, those who are not amiable should not be regarded as laudable, and those who are not tolerant should not be regarded as perfect. Those who do not guard themselves against the scholars' blame and censure should not be expected to gain the welfare of this world and the world to come. The intelligent should be veracious and thankful so that their sayings will be trusted and they will be given increasingly.

71- You should not trust the betrayer after you had tested him and you should not accuse him whom you trusted.

72- Imam As-Sadiq(A.S.) was asked about the people who are most respected by Allah. He answered: The people who are most respected by Allah are those who mention and obey Him more than the others. He, then, was asked about the people that are most disrespected by Allah, Imam As-Sadiq(A.S.) answered: The people that are most disrespected by Allah are those who accuse Him. "Is there anyone who accuses Allah?" I asked. The Holy Imam(A.S.) said: He who seeks Allah's decision and dissatisfies himself with it when it comes opposite to his will is accusing Allah." "Who else?" asked I. The Holy Imam(A.S.) answered: Then come those who complain against Allah." "Is there anyone who complains against Allah?" I asked. The Imam(A.S.) said: They are those who exaggerate in complaining about the misfortunes that they are suffering." Who else?" asked I. He(A.S.) answered: Then come those who neglect showing gratitude when they are endowed with a grace and show intolerance when they are inflicted by a problem." "Who are the most respected by Allah?" asked I. He(A.S.) answered: The most respected people are those who show gratitude when they are given a grace and treat with their problems tolerantly.

73- The weary are friendless and the envious are fortuneless. Much looking into wisdom pollinates the mind.

74- Fear of Allah is sufficient knowledge and deceit is sufficient ignorance.

75- The best adoration is to know Allah and behave humbly with Him.

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