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  • 11/29/2010

New patch reduces movement pain

new patch reduces movement pain

A new skin patch could release painkiller compounds in the body during movement, providing notable a pain relief in the inflamed muscles.

The new skin patch synchronizes the release of anti-inflammatory drugs with the movement of the inflamed tissue, Yonsei University scientists said.

The patch is made of a flexible rubber film covered with a sheet of corrugated microporous polystyrene, with 3 micrometres wide and 1 micrometre deep gutters. The liquid-filled gutters are sealed with another rubber film.

Flexing the patch distorts the polystyrene tunnels enough to reduce their volume, squeezing the solution out through the pores in the plastic. Once the strain is removed, the tunnels spring back into shape, getting ready for the next use, the scientists explained.

"Current skin patches are designed to just continuously release the active agents. If we can control the release rate responding to the motion of our muscles, it will make the patches more effective and prolong the time of use,” said lead researcher Unyong Jeong.

Scientists hope their innovative patch would also show promising results in patients suffering muscle pain and arthritis.

Source: presstv.ir

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