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  • 11/20/2010

From over Eyelids of Night

the night sky

It was an overflowing night

It was an overflowing night

The river flowed from beneath spruce trees to far beyond

The valley was shrouded by moonlight and the mountain was so bright that God was visible

In the heights

We two were invisible, the surfaces were washed and looks were thinner than all other nights

Your hands delivered me the green stalk of a message

And the earthenware of familiarity was slowly cracking with your breathing

And our heartbeats poured over the rock

From an old wine, the summer sands flowing in veins

And the enamel of moonlight on your behavior

You were wonderful, free and worthy of earth

The green opportunity of life joined the cool mountain air

Shadows returned

And still on the way of the breeze

Pennyroyals were shaking

And attractions mingled together

And attractions mingled together

the night sky
از روي پلك شب

شب سرشاري بود

شب سرشاري بود

رود از پاي صنوبرها، تا فراترها رفت

دره مهتاب اندود، و چنان روشن كوه، كه خدا پيدا بود.

در بلندي‌ها، ما

دورها گم، سطح‌ها شسته، و نگاه از همه شب نازك‌تر

دست‌هايت، ساقه سبز پيامي را مي‌داد به من

و سفالينه‌ انس، با نفس‌هايت آهسته ترك مي‌خورد

و تپش‌هامان مي‌ريخت به سنگ

از شرابي ديرين، شن تابستان در رگ‌ها

و لعاب مهتاب، روي رفتارت

تو شگرف، تو رها، و برازنده خاك

فرصت سبز حيات، به هواي خنك كوهستان مي‌پيوست

سايه‌ها برمي‌گشت.

و هنوز، در سر راه نسيم

پونه‌هايي كه تكان مي‌خورد

جذبه‌هايي كه به هم مي‌خورد

جذبه‌هايي كه به هم مي‌خورد

By Sohrab sepehri

Source: sohrab.ir

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