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The Remarkable Merits of the Islamic Society (Part 1)


Because of its remarkable qualities, the Islamic society, in the reign of its prosperity, was nonesuch and ideal among the international civilized nations. Its individuals composed one compact family of virtues and dignities. It has been a nonesuch example of belief that included secrets of monotheism, showed true traits of divinity, and explained the dimensions of the Judgment. Hence, it has become the divinely selected religion: "No religion other than Islam (submission to the will of Allah) will be accepted from anyone.

Whoever follows a religion other than Islam will be lost on the Day of Judgment. (3:85)" It has been a nonesuch example of the enactment of laws, because the Islamic  Sharia has been the comprehensive among the other divine codes and has been the most ideal constitution to humankind. It has been a nonesuch example of moralities. The ethical values have been perfect and prosperous only during the reign of the Islamic society that is described by the Prophet’s words: "The true believer is only he whom Muslims can trust in regard with their estates and souls.

The true Muslim is only he whom Muslims are saved from his hand -physical harm- and tongue- verbal harm-. The true Muhajir -emigrant- is that who deserts the sins." (5:37).

 It has been a nonesuch example of social moralities. Imam Ali (A.S) said: "O my child, make yourself the measure (for dealings) between you and others.

Thus, you should desire for others what you desire for yourself and hate for others what you hate for yourself. Do not oppress as you do not like to be oppressed. Do good to others as you would like good to be done to you. Regard bad for yourself whatever you regard bad for others. Accept that (treatment) from others, which you would like others to accept from you. Do not talk about what you do not know even though what you know be very little.

Do not say to others what you do not like to be said to you." (5.38). Islam has been a nonesuch example of fraternity. It has declared the principle of fraternity among its individuals in such an unprecedented way: "Believers are each other’s brothers. (49:10)" Accordingly, the Islamic society has become one family applying fraternal term with each other. That was surely the greatest reformative conquest of Islam. Islam has been also a nonesuch example of liberality and solidarity. Muslim individual must take interests in the social affairs and benefits and must look kindly at the miserable.

The Prophet (A.S) said: "He that begins a day without taking an interest in the affairs of the Muslims is not one of them." (5.39). "The creatures are subjects of Allah; therefore, the most favorable in the sight of Allah are those who best benefit His subjects and please His household." (5.40)

Individuals are the bricks of society whose happiness is achieved when they are pleased and granted their social rights. In the same way, social depression occurs when they are depressed and deprived of their rights:

1. Right of Life

In the sight of Islam, right of life is natural and sacred and it is obligatory to be guarded. Violence of this right is a big crime and the punishment of which is immortal abiding in Hell: "The punishment for one who purposely slays a believer will be to live in hell fire forever. (4:93)" Not only has Islam settled the immortal abiding in Hell as punishment for murderers, but also has enacted the retaliation for murder and the undergoing of blood money for unintentional killing so as to guard Muslims’ souls and stop crimes of homicide: "and there is life for you in (law of) retaliation, O men of understanding, that you may guard yourselves.

(2:179)" Moreover, man is not permitted to put an end to his own life by committing suicide. He must protect and guard his soul against dangers and harms: "Do not push yourselves into perdition. (2:195)." In the field of sacredness of souls, Islam has reached the climax when it forbade killing the fetuses by abortion and imposed on those who commit such crimes to undergo the identified blood money.

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