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Fire Temples, Fars

fire temple

Achaemenid Fire Temples, Haji Abad, Kazeroon

At the vicinity of Naqsh-e-Rostam, on two sides of the Haji Abad Mountain, two small stony towers exist which belong to the Achaemenian period. On top of these towers some holes are seen which were supposed to be the fire places. On much higher spots of the mountain, at different altitudes even more fire holes have been observed.

In the bottom of the rocky mountain, there were cavities dating back to the Sassanid era mainly used for placing bones of the dead.

Faraz Mara Avar Khozaya Fire Temple, Kazeroon

This fire temple is situated in the old Kazeroon - Firooz Abad Road, and was constructed by Mehr Nersi in the Sassanid era.

Firooz Abad Fire Temple, Firooz Abad

It was made of well-carved stones on a large foundation, upon which the fire temple was situated. On the top of this structure a dome was placed overlooking the city. At present only the tower has been remained.

Jareh Great Fire Temple, Kazeroon

This place was the location of one of the five fire temples which were constructed by Mehr Nersi in areas between Kazeroon and Farash Band. The length of each side of this fire temple is more than 14 m. long. The great Jareh Fire Temple belongs to the Sassanid era.

Kazeroon Fire Temple, Kazeroon

This fire temple is situated at 10 km. south-east of Kazeroon. At present, from these monuments, except for three stands and two semi-ruined domes, nothing is left. This structure was constructed by Mehr Nersi.

Pasargadae Fire Temple, Marvdasht

At the distance of 1500 m. away from the Exclusive Palace of Koorosh, on the eastern plains of Morqab, two bits of white rocks, opposite a short hill at a distance of 9 m. from each other, are located. They are called Pasargadae’s Qorbangah (Altar) or fire temple.

Sassanid Grand Fire Temple, Firooz Abad

At the distance of 30 km. south of Firooz Abad, there are the ruins of a monument which probably used to be the greatest aggregate of fire-temples of the Sassanid era. The exterior wall is 85 m. long and 40 m. wide.

Inside the fortification, where the fire-temples and residences of Zoroastrian priests, along with under ground pathways that can still be observed.

Other Fire Temples, Fars

Other fire temples of the province includes: The Azarakhsh and Azarjoo Fire Temples in Darab, Kenar Siyah Fire Temples in Firooz Abad, Qadamgah Fire Temples in Jahrom, Ab-Bakhshan fire holes in the Naqsh-e-Rostam Mountain, Kariyan Fire Temple, Samikan Fire Temple in Shiraz and Farash Band Fire Temple in Firooz Abad.

Source:  chnpress.com

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