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Today in History:

London Gazette, Oldest Surviving Journal, First Published (1665)

london gazette

The London Gazette is one of the official journals of record of the British government, and the most important among such official journals in the UK, in which certain statutory notices are required to be published.

 The London Gazette is the oldest surviving English newspaper and the oldest continuously published newspaper in the United Kingdom, having been first published on 7 November 1665. It is not a conventional newspaper offering general news coverage, and does not have a large circulation.

Other official newspapers of the UK government are the Edinburgh and Belfast Gazettes, which, apart from reproducing certain materials of nationwide interest published in the London Gazette, also contain publications specific to Scotland and Northern Ireland, respectively.

In turn, the London Gazette not only carries notices of UK-wide interest, but also those relating specifically to entities or people in England. However, certain notices that are only of specific interest to Scotland or Northern Ireland are also required to be published in the London Gazette.

Source: encyclopedia.thefreedictionary.com

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