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The Wildlife Museum

the wildlife museum

The Wildlife Museum or the Museum of Natural History was inaugurated in 1993s, located in Dar Abad, the northernmost part of Tehran. Animals are kept in five sections of this museum each for mammals, birds, aquatic species, reptiles and insects. In paleontology section, the first living objects on earth and fossils with scientific classifications have been put for display. Taxidermy sections are considered to be good workshops for watching and learning different techniques for preservation of natural animal bodies. It attracts large groups of people interested in wildlife and nature every day.

 The geology section includes interesting fossils of ancient species. The marine life section includes fancy sweet water fishes. There are also some reptiles in the museum, ranging from the non-poisonous to poisonous kinds. The Museum intends to collect a comprehensive video archive to be used for educational purposes. An open air movie theater, equipped with a large collection of films, shows the animals' natural habitats and feeding habits, etc. The traditional teahouse of the museum, overlooking the city of Tehran, is considered to be one of the interesting focal points of the museum.



A travel Guide to Iran by M T Faramrzi

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