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  • 10/30/2010

Iran, Vatican stress closer cooperation

iran, vatican stress closer cooperation

Iran and the Vatican stress the need to forge closer cooperation to help establish peace and justice across the globe.

A top Iranian official told Vatican Foreign Minister Monsignor Dominique Francois Joseph Mamberti that societies, especially Western ones, are facing grave problems because of turning away from divine and human values, reported IRNA.

"Such circumstances make it all the more necessary for closer bonds and consultations between Islam and Christianity," Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for European Affairs Ali Ahani underlined.

The visiting Iranian official said divine faiths attach great importance to human dignity, and added, "Unfortunately, the West is using human rights as a political tool."

"As two religions which are messengers of peace and friendship, Islam and Christianity can work together to counter anti-religious trends," the Iranian diplomat underscored.

The Vatican foreign minister, in turn, touched upon centuries of peaceful coexistence of followers of divine faiths in the Middle East, adding cultural and religious diversity is an "invaluable heritage."

He said constructive dialog can stave off tension and promote peace and friendship among Muslims and Christians.

"Extremists should not be allowed to tarnish the image and status of religion in the world," the senior Vatican official noted.

Ahani also sat down with a host of other Vatican officials, stressing the need for Muslims and Christians to build up a close rapport and work together closely to counter anti-religious moves.

Source: presstv.ir

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