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Posters donated by Polish collector Dydo to go on show in Tehran


A selection of posters donated by Polish collector Krzysztof Dydo will be going on show at Tehran’s Vijeh Gallery beginning Friday October 29.

The Polish collector recently donated an assortment of 90 posters from his private collection to Iran, graphic designer Amrollah Farhadi told the Persian service of Fars News Agency on Tuesday.

The exhibit running for one week will feature exclusively a selection of 60 posters designed by contemporary Polish artists, Farhadi added.

Krzysztof Dydo established the Kraków Poster Gallery in 1985, the only gallery in Poland specializing in Polish promotional and commercial posters. It is a meeting place for artists and all those interested in poster art.

Invited by the cultural department of the Embassy of Poland, Dydo will arrive in Tehran on Wednesday and will be staying here for one week. He is scheduled to take part in the opening ceremony of the poster exhibit on Friday.

In addition, Tehran’s Gallery 66 will be holding a graphic design exhibition on the occasion of the anniversary of Chopin’s birth, displaying over 50 graphic designs from around the world on the theme of the Polish pianist Chopin.

The exhibit will open on Thursday and Dydo is also due to attend the opening of this exhibit.

Polish collector Dydo is immensely interested in poster art. He has published different articles, catalogues and albums of Polish posters and has organized numerous exhibits, festivals and contests on posters.

Visiting the cities of Yazd, Isfahan and Bandar Abbas is also on the agenda for Dydo during his stay in Iran.

Vijeh Gallery is located on No.5, 3rd Alley, Arabali Ave, off Khorramshahr St. and the Gallery 66 is located at No.142 Somayyeh Avenue (between Mofatteh and Ramsar streets).

Caption: A poster selected from the collection kept at the Poster Gallery running by Dydo in the center of old Cracow since 1985

Source: tehrantimes.com

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