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  • 10/6/2010

Laptop, toasted skin syndrome linked

using laptop on the lap

Individuals who spend prolonged hours studying, reading or playing games on laptop computers resting on their lap are at a greater risk of developing “toasted skin syndrome.”

According to a study published in Pediatrics, prolonged exposure to heat from a laptop’s optical drive, the battery or the ventilation fan may cause “laptop-induced dermatosis,” characterized by a brownish discoloration of the skin on the thighs.

“Computer-induced lesions are typically found on only one leg because the optical drives of laptops are located on the left side," stated the authors, adding that “The computer placed on a lap may completely or partially occlude [obstruct] the ventilation-fan exhaust.”

The condition, technically called erythema ab igne, is often associated with permanent darkening of the skin, which may contribute to skin cancer in rare cases, the study found.

While mild-to-moderate heat between 109.4 to116.6 degrees Fahrenheit is enough to cause burns, toasted skin syndrome commonly occurs after prolonged exposure to heat higher than 111.2 degrees Fahrenheit.

Similar skin discoloration has long been reported on the lower legs of individuals who worked in front of open fires or coal stoves along with elderly patients who used hot pads and blankets.

Scientists believe the use of heat protection such as the laptop’s carrying case between the body and the computer is a simple way to prevent the condition.

They also urged computer makers to place a warning label on laptops alerting consumers about possible skin problems the devices can cause.

Source: presstv.ir

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