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Duties of a True Muslim


Verily, the Almighty Allah has sent a Book for your guidance. It is a Book which clearly defines, describes and distinguishes between right and wrong, vice and virtue, and truth and falsehood. You should adopt the path of truth and virtue so that you may be guided, and should shun vice and wickedness so that you may achieve salvation.

Find out your social, moral and religious obligations and perform your duties sincerely; sincere performance of your duties will qualify you for Paradise.

Allah has ordained certain actions to be illegal, immoral and irreligious and He has mercifully explained them to us in detail; He has also decreed certain things to be legal and sanctified. Performance of these duties will bring no harm and injury to mankind. Respect of a Muslim is a thing which has received highest sanctity, and rights of Muslims have also been for the purpose of social unity, closely bound and linked with sincere belief in Islam and in the Oneness of Allah (that is, for those who believe in Islam and in the Oneness of Allah it is obligatory to respect the rights of Muslims).

A true Muslim is he from whose hands and tongue every other Muslim is safe, but not at the cost of truth and justice. No one is allowed to transgress the rights of a Muslim.

Make haste to face the problems of social justice, peace and security. These problems are common to all, and when you have done your duty in these spheres, then think of the problem which concerns everyone of you as an individual, and that is death. Remember that those things, which deserve your attention, care and sympathy, (society and introduction of reforms in social structure and State), are in front of you, and those towards which you are approaching are the days of your reckoning and reward; your approach should be accompanied by good deeds as death is drawing you nearer to them day by day. Be bold, reduce the burden of sins and do well so that death may bring for you the opportunity of being in company of the chosen people. Those good people who have gone before are waiting for those who are to follow.

Fear Allah in so far as the rights of an individual or a society is concerned because you will be questioned about performance of your duties and obligations in the sphere of your activities, even in respect of the land you live in and the animals you are in contact with.

Obey Allah and do not rebel against His Orders, try to attain and achieve good whenever and wherever you find an occasion for it and turn away from evil wherever you see it.

This is considered as one of the few sermons which Imam Ali delivered soon after he took charge of the Muslim State. In this sermon, Imam Ali has advised people to respect the rights of others, to do well to others, to respect truth and justice, to follow the dictates of Allah and religion, and not to do any harm to human beings.

Source: alhassanain.com

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