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  • 10/3/2010

Al-Azhar Chancellor Welcomes Imam Khamenei's Fatwa

imam sayyed ali khamenei and ahmad al-tayyib

Chancellor of al-Azhar University of Islamic sciences welcomed Fatwa (verdict) issued by the World Shea Leader, Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei, which bans any insult to the companions of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) as well as his wives.

Such insults have always been a source of controversy and dispute between Shea and Sunni Muslims and barred them from forging a robust unity against their common enemies, unlike a multitude of commonalities between the two sects.

Ahmad al-Tayyib wrote in a statement that the fatwa was prudent and timely and would help ram the door shut to seditions.

"I received the blessed Fatwa with appreciation," he wrote.

He said it was incumbent on all Muslims to try to keep inter Muslim unity and no dispute between different Islamic sects should be allowed to harm the unity of Islamic ummah.

Tayyib also noted that Egypt has ever been at the forefront of every initiative for Muslim unity.

Western media have kept mum on the Fatwa.

Source: abna.ir

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