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Rumi Odes & Quatrains: Part 2


by Shahram Shiva



The Lover is ever drunk with Love.

He is mad,

she is free.

He sings with delight,

she dances with ecstasy.

Caught by our own thoughts,

we worry about everything.

But once we get drunk on that Love

whatever will be, will be.



Love is best when mixed with anguish.

In our town,

we won"t call you a Lover

if you escape the pain.

Look for Love in this way,

welcome it to your soul,

and watch your spirit fly away in ecstasy.



It is your turn now,

you waited, you were patient.

The time has come,

for us to polish you.

We will transform your inner pearl

into a house of fire.

You"re a gold mine.

Did you know that,

hidden in the dirt of the earth?

It is your turn now,

to be placed in fire.

Let us cremate your impurities.



The Lovers

will drink wine night and day.

They will drink until they can

tear away the veils of intellect and

melt away the layers of shame and modesty.

When in Love,

body, mind, heart and soul don"t even exist.

Become this,

fall in Love,

and you will not be separated again.



Love rests on no foundation.

It is an endless ocean,

with no beginning or end.


a suspended ocean,

riding on a cushion of ancient secrets.

All souls have drowned in it,

and now dwell there.

One drop of that ocean is hope,

and the rest is fear.



We are all powerless by Love"s game.

How can you expect us

to behave and act modest?

How can you expect us

to stay at home, like good little boys?

How can you expect us

to enjoy being chained like mad men?

Oh, my Beloved, you will find us every night,

on your street,

with our eyes glued to your window,

waiting for a glimpse of your radiant face.



A true Lover doesn"t follow any one religion,

be sure of that.

Since in the religion of Love,

there is no irreverence or faith.

When in Love,

body, mind, heart and soul don"t even exist.

Become this,

fall in Love,

and you will not be separated again.




is the night.

It"s the creation of that land of eternity.

It"s not an ordinary night,

it"s a wedding of those who seek Love.

Tonight, the bride and groom

speak in one tongue.

Tonight, the bridal chamber

is looking particularly bright.



When we talk about the witness in our verse,

we talk about you.

A pure heart and a noble demeanor

cannot compete with your radiant face.

They will ask you

what you have produced.

Say to them,

except for Love,

what else can a Lover produce?



My head is bursting

with the joy of the unknown.

My heart is expanding a thousand fold.

Every cell,

taking wings,

flies about the world.

All seek separately

the many faces of my love.

Source: rumi.net

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