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Ancient Cities and Archaeological Hills, Fars

takht-e-soleiman, marvdasht

Bishapour Ruined City, Kazeroon 

This city was built by Shapour I and included palaces with a large fire-temple and inscriptions. The main palace has a hall with many corridors and various verandas and gardens. The plan of the hall is 20 sided.

Ancient City (Takht-e-Tavoos), Shiraz

Located 7 km. from the remains of Persepolis (Takht-e-Jamshid), the ruins of the city of Estakhr known as Takht-e-Tavoos exists. It includes a stony gate, columns and walls dating back to the Achaemenian period. Many archaeological objects have been found at this site, which belong to the Sassanid, Parthian and Islamic eras.

Firooz Abad Ancient City, Firooz Abad 

It is located to the northwest of the present city of Firooz Abad. The remainders of the old fortification of the city, stony and brick-made buildings have covered the area.

The remains of the ancient city of Firooz Abad constitute one of the most valuable historical sites of Iran.

Hakvan Hill, Kazeroon 

It is one of the archaeological hills of the Fars Province, where many pieces of pre-historic ceramics and remains of a building dating back to the Achaemenian period have been found. This hill is on top of a white rocky foundation which is 24 m. long and 10 m. wide in size. In this vicinity a few long spears were discovered with royal emblems such as a crown on them.

Hassan Qazi Ancient City, Safarbeg Village 

This city is located 3 km northeast of the Safar Beig Village. The main residential areas of the city along with towers and fortifications still remain. This city is probably the same Touj city that was conquered by Kalam-ebne Abalhesar, Commander of Omar-ebne Khatab which became the center of Muslim activities.

Marvdasht Archaeological Hills, Marvdasht 

Scientific discoveries and researches indicate that different civilizations have been living in this vast plain. Many imprinted ceramic vessels along with implements and tools have remained from those civilizations. These date back to 3500 B.C.

Takht-e-Soleiman, Marvdasht 

Over the mountain to the north of the Passargadae plain, there is a beautiful area with large stony-white walls, in which many artifacts have been found. Thus, witnessing the reality that this place had been inhabited even before the Achaemenian period, and was most probably used as a praying site. The discovered objects belong to 4000 B.C.

takht-e-soleiman, marvdasht

Teimoorian Hill, Kooshk Village, Shiraz 

This hill is located 1 km. west of the Kooshak Village in Arsanjan. Since 2500 B.C. up to the Islamic period, dead bodies used to be buried in this hill.

In some of these graves many interesting objects such as ceramic dishes (red or gray in color) with black patterns as well as jewelry (i.e. rings, necklaces, pins) and animal shaped ceramic statues have been found.

Other Ancient Cities and Archaeological Hills

Other ancient cities and archaeological hills includes: The ancient city of Cheshmeh-ye-Sardo in Noor Abad, Qasr-e-Bahram Archaeological Hills in Dehbid - Shiraz Road, Rigei and Siyah Archaeological Hills in Darab, Hassan Abad Castle and Kamin Archaeological Hills in Hassan Abad, Shafa Archaeological Hills 17 km. from Persepolis and Jari archaeological hills at 16 km south of Persepolis.

Source: chnpress.com

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