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Part 1


Translated by Fatima Zabeth Beenesh

3457 years after Habuth (descent of Adam a.s from Heaven) Al-Kahf [18:94]

18:94 They said: "O Zul-qarnain! the Gog and Magog (People) do great mischief on earth: shall we then render thee tribute in order that thou mightest erect a barrier between us and them?

In the books of narrations it is described that in the heavenly scriptures like the Holy Quran and Taurat (Torah) the name of Zulqarnain was mentioned. Some believe that he was a messenger of God and according to few he was just a great king. Ibn kasir and other interpreters wrote the details of the verses in the Quran regarding Zulqarnain.

Abul kalam Azad, the cultural minister of India , in his book wrote and insisted to prove that Zulqarnain was the same Cyrus the great.

The history and the narrations made Abul Kalam Azad to write a book upon this subject and described the ideology of Zulqarnain, his way of administration, and his travelling. He was born after 3457 years of habuth and the period of Kurush was before 559 Before Christ. They both were very much identical in virtues attainments, morality, customs and wisdom.

Khizr a.s was His maternal cousin and the era of Zulqarnain coincides with the Lut a.s and Ibrahim a.s. He was well known for the secularity, organizing the governmental duties, efficiently equipped with the provisions of journey, fond of searching the spot of sunset and built the Barrier of Yajuj o Majuj.


About Zulqarnain it is written in Sur e Kahaf

Al-Kahf (The Cave18:83 AND THEY will ask thee about the Two-Horned One. Say: "I will convey unto you something by which he ought to be remembered.") 18:84 Behold, We established him securely on earth, and endowed him with [the knowledge of] the right means to achieve anything [that he might set out to achieve];

-18:86 [And he marched westwards] till, when he came to the setting of the sun, it appeared to him that it was setting in a dark, turbid sea;and nearby he found a people [given to every kind of wrongdoing]. We said: "O thou Two-Horned One! Thou mayest either cause [them] to suffer or treat them with kindness!"

18:87 He answered: "As for him who does wrong [unto others] - him shall we, in time, cause to suffer; and thereupon he shall be referred to his Sustainer, and He will cause him to suffer with unnameable suffering.

18:91 thus [We had made them, and thus he left them ; and We did encompass with Our knowledge all that he had in mind. In the Sur e Kahaf from the ayaat 82 to 98 it is written: O the Last prophet they ask you about the Zulqarnain. I will describe you its story that I bestowed Zulqarnain the kingship and every kind of facility and resource. He advanced in his journey to such extent that he reached the place where the sun sets in the evening. He observed the sun is drowning the fountain of mud, there he had a dream. I told Him: Now you can punish them or you can treat them kindly.

He replied: One who is a tyrant he will be soon punished here and after going towards God, the severe torment will be adhered to him.Those who brought faith and performed virtuously they have an excellent and deserving end. And the God Almighty grant him immense expanse in his efforts in performing good deeds.

The means and resorts of Zulqarnain were so widespread that he reached the place where the sun was rising. He came across a tribe who were ignorant of the resources to protect themselves from the heat and he made them well acquainted of their every needs. In the same manner he went forward in his way and reached a place which was between two walls there he met a tribe whom he was unaware of their language.

cyrus tomb

The people informed him: O Zulqarnain the tribes of Yajuj and Mujuj had created the turmoil and affray in our land. We will provide you the essential money and material so that you build a wall to prevent them from entering in our lands and their aggressions and violence. Zulqarnain replied: The Almighty God blessed me to such an extent that I do not need your money. You help me with man power to raise a wall between you and them.

And told them: bring the sheets of iron with the help of this we will adjoin both the mountains. Zulqarnain melted the iron sheets like red flames and with help of the water created desiring shapes then constructed a wall. The tribes of Yajuj and Majuj were unable to reach them again or breach a way in the barrier.

Zulqarnain stated: It was the blessing of God that I completed it by the wish of God. The intention of God is right and true.

It is narrated by hazrat imam Sadiq a.s that Zulqarnain made a box of glass and stored food stuffs in it and tied a rope around the box and boarded on a ship. When he reached the deep waters of the sea, he seated himself in the glass box and gave the other end of the rope which was tied to the box to the captain of ship and told him: Whenever I began to shake the rope you pull me up. If did not shake it let the rope loose till I continue going deep down the sea.

For forty days he was deep in the sea. One day he saw someone is knocking the box and asking him: O Zulqarnain! Where are you Going? He replied: I want to know that how much is the depth of the sea and I want to view the kingdom of God in the sea like I observed the earth. He replied: This is the place while Nuh a.s was passing by in his ship, his axe fell down and still it did not reached the bottom of the sea. As soon as he heard it he shook the rope and they pulled him up.

To be continued ...

Source: alhassanain.com

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