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Castles and Citadels, Fars

ejdeha peykar castle, lar

Charoo Castle, Lar 

It is considered to be a well-known castle because of the Esmaili influence (the followers of Hassan Sabah). It is 15 km west of the Barm-Shoor Lake and located on top of the Chero Mountain. The antiquity of this castle goes back to 5th century.

Dokhtar Castle, Firooz Abad 

Dating back to the 3rd century, this historical site is found in a mountainous area overlooking the Firooz Abad plain. Many tourists come to visit this site. Tourists can reach the summit by existing mounting facilities.

Eizad Khast Castle, Abadeh 

The ruins of this ancient castle are at a distance of 141 km from Esfahan. In this castle small houses and narrow alleys dating back to the Sassanid period can still be distinguished. The square building which in the Sassanid era was supposed to be a fire temple and praying quarter was later on, in the 9th century A.H. changed into a mosque.

Ejdeha Peykar Castle, Lar 

This castle is built on a hill to the west of the Lar Township. The structure is composed of three sections: The stone wall, the upper tower and the middle tower. It dates back to the pre-Islamic period.

Estakhr Castle, Marvdasht 

The Estakhr Mountain is to the extremity of the southwest of the Marvdasht plains; on top of which the famous Estakhr Castle was constructed in the Azododoleh-ye-Deilami period. In this place a large pool (Estakhr) was made, but unfortunately at present, only a very tall ancient cypress tree dating back to a century can be seen among the ruins of the stony building of the castle.

Kaka Castle, Mamasani 

This castle is located 8 km. from the hilly village of Kalgeh and is surrounded by the Ena and Sejak Gorges from which the Fahliyan River crosses by. It is believed that this castle once belonged to the Esmailians and its antiquity dates back to 6th century A.H. This castle is situated in the Mamasani Township.

Karim Khani Citadel, Shiraz 

It used to be the main residential palace of Karim Khan-e-Zand and his dynasty in Shiraz. Surrounded by high brick walls, there are four towers, each at a corner of the complex. This place was used as a prison for thirty five years until 1971. Although damaged as a result of misuse, renovations are taking place. This monument is a good representative of the architectural style which was typical of the Zand period.

Qabr Castle, Jahrom 

This castle is located 50 km. from Jahrom city, at the top of a mount in an altitude of 400 m. To the west of this castle is a small spring. Beside the spring there is a narrow zigzag route, which terminates to the tower of the Qabr Castle.

Qadamgah Castle, Lar 

Located northwest of the ancient city of Lar, this castle is built on a platform surrounded by steep slopes. It dates back to the pre-Islamic period and was used for defense purposes. Today only ruins (the northern wall and two smaller towers) remain as in the Safavid period, this place was destroyed.

dokhtar castle, firooz abad

Sefid (White) Castle, Mamasani 

This castle is located 15 km. north of Noor-Abad, it dates back to the Ilamite era. It is believed that in 5th century, it was one of the famous castles of Esmailians and in the year 654 A.H. it was destroyed by Holakoo Khan the king of the Mongols.

Zahak Castle, Fasa 

On top of a hill near Fasa, there exists a castle belonging to the Sassanid period. Ceramic objects have been found at this site.

Other Castles and Forts, Fars 

The other historical castles of the province include: Mohrak and Tabar (Khorsheh) Castles in Jahrom, a building known as grave the of Nader Shah's mother in Lar, Gahvareh-ye-Deev in Shiraz, Dimeh Mil of Jahan Ahmad Shah in Noor Abad, Soleiman Prison Tower in Shiraz and Rooy Reneh (Rooineh).

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