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Health tips for Ramadhan (Part 3)


Individuals with underlying diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and renal disorders should consult their physicians before making any decision about fasting. Individuals suffering from active peptic and duodenal ulcers should not fast as it may activate the ulcer, leading to troublesome conditions such as bleeding.

Diabetics older than 20 who have controlled blood sugar in the past three months and are not suffering from any underlying diseases including infectious, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases neither renal stone and high blood pressure are allowed to fast.

Individuals on insulin can fast only if they depend on low doses of the medication, do not experience hypoglycemia attacks during the day and are not suffering from any diabetes-related complications. Fasting is not recommended in cases with blood glucose levels near 300.

Diabetics, however, should break their fast as soon as they experience the symptoms of hypoglycemia characterized by low blood glucose levels, hunger, shakiness, nervousness and confusion.

Considering the fact that this year’s Ramadhan coincides with summer, individuals who fast are recommended to reduce their physical activity as body loses too much water and salt during exercising and intense exercises may cause severe fatigue. Exercising particularly brisk walking should not be overlooked in this month.

When an individual intends to do a heavy sport following Iftar, they are recommended to have meat, egg yolk and fish for Iftar. Drinks such as fruit juice before exercising are also recommended.

Athletes need more protein, carbohydrate and vitamins during Ramadhan. They are recommended to drink more water for Suhoor. Date, soup, vegetable and milk are the best choices for Iftar in athletes. They can start exercising some three hours after Iftar as the food has been completely digested within this time.

A gap between breaking the fast and exercising helps provide sufficient blood flow to the muscles.

Source: presstv.ir

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