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Townships, Fars (Part 2)

sadiyeh in shiraz


Kazeroon is located to the west of Shiraz and is 1032 km. from Tehran. It has a rather hot climate with different intensities. It is one of the oldest cities of Iran. The Parishan Protected Lake is situated to the southeast of Kazeroon. In the old times, the city of Shapur was more developed than Kazeroon. Today the ruins of the city of Shapur can be seen 20 km. away from Kazeroon. In 483-495 A.D. the city was developed as a result of the efforts of Firooz (son of Bahram the Sassanid) and at the time of Qobad, 487-498 A.D. it further developed and enlarged. There are many historical monuments in this city.


This newly established township is a part of the Larestan region and its history is intermingled with that of Lar.


It is situated 1,324 km. from Tehran and is considered to be in the southeast of the Province of Fars. It is located in a plain with a very hot climate. In Sassanid period, due to construction of a fire temple, this region became the center of attention.

By the end of the 8th century, it was the center of minting a type of money called “Larbon” which was used in the coastal regions of the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean.


Located to the west of Shiraz, it has a rather cold climate in north and warm in the south. In old history books, Mamasani was mentioned as "Shoulestan", derived from Shoul, which was one of Lur tribes.


This township is located in the north of Shiraz and it has a cold weather in the hilly areas and moderate climate in other regions. Archeological excavations have shown that millenniums before Darius decided to choose the plains of Mount Rahmat for the construction of the majestic Persepolis Palaces; civilized populations had been living in the Marvdasht Plains.

The ruins of Estakhr and Persepolis demonstrate a part of history of this city.


Nayreez is 1,140 km. from Tehran. It is situated in the southeast of the Bakhtegan Lake. This city has a moderate climate in north and is warm in the south. In clay inscriptions of Persepolis it is mentioned as “Narizi”. Ancient "Arsiman" in Natanz is 6000 years old.


Sepeedan or Ardakan, is located to the north of the Fars Province, in a mountainous and forested region mostly covered with oak trees. The city of Ardakan is about eight centuries old.



The beautiful and charming city of Shiraz is about 919 km far from Tehran and it is the center of the Fars Province. This township has a moderate climate with regular seasons.

Since long Shiraz has been considered an important city in the history. Its name can be found in the Ilamite inscriptions of Persepolis.

 The memorial tombs of two well-known poets of Iran, Hafez and Sa’di, as well as Khajoo are all situated in the city of Shiraz. The long history of this city has left many historical and cultural monuments along with the natural views to be visited by tourists.

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