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Iranian singer to reprise Sami Yusuf’s “Muhammad (S)” in Tehran concerts


Iranian pop singer Mohammad Esfahani is returning after a 4-year hiatus with “Muhammad”, the famous hit about Prophet Muhammad (S) by Iranian-British Muslim singer Sami Yusuf.

He will be reprising the song in both English and Arabic here at Tehran’s National Grand Hall in concerts on August 4 and 5, Esfahani said in a press conference held here at Avay-e Honar Institute on Monday.

“The song has never been performed here in Iran and I very much like the composition. I had a good feeling in singing the piece and I proposed performing it to conductor Meysam Marvasti who eagerly accepted,” he added.

Conductor Marvasti also present at the conference gave some details about the concert. “We were determined to do the concert last year but it was postponed for several reasons. During all these months, several additional pieces were added to the performance, making the current total 14 selections.”

Esfahani also explained that he chose not to do any concerts over the past few years to prevent repetition, adding, “The older compositions will be performed differently this time around.”

His new album is also soon to be released. “We will be performing our new compositions in future concerts.”

Esfahani gave no more details on his new album and its name. He only said, “This new album will be different from previous ones. It is the music of today. Fifteen musicians from Turkey are also collaborating with the group on this album.”

He further noted that holding concerts in Tehran is a difficult and costly task. “I probably will be doing a charity concert after the month of Ramadan.”

Photo: Iranian pop singer Mohammad Esfahani attends a press conference in Tehran on July 2, 2010 to explain the program of his concerts in Tehran. (Fars/Hossein Musavi-Faraz)

Sources: tehranrtimes.com

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