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Discord and Schism

(Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini)


o Schism and disunity belong to Satan whereas solidarity and unity of

     expression are from God.

o My dear ones! Avoid division and disunity for these are the insinuations of


o If you and I oppose each other, any accruing result shall be gained by


o That which hurts us most is internal strife.

o All things that smack of discord are surely from Satan.

o The big powers, having given up hope for gaining anything by war or

      military attack, are planning mischief designed to create discord among

      you and separate you from one another.

o Today, quarrelling is suicide; today, dispute is suicide.

o Discord, regardless of the tongue it issues forth from, is the language of


o I warm the entire nation and the whole country, if you follow these agents

      of discord, no matter who they are, your country will fall in the lap of


o More sorrowful and dangerous than nationalism is generating discord and

      division among the Sunnis and the ShT'ah.

o Today, the greatest sin in our country is creation of schism and discord.

o The government, the Majlis and the judiciary must all feel they have just

     one duty and that is not to have any (acrimonious) arguments or disputes

     among themselves.

o If our tastes or our views differ, we must sit down and discuss them in a

     calm atmosphere, go over our problems and solve them.

o Resolve differences of taste in a good, brotherly manner.

o Today, anything that makes the noble nation deviate from the essential

     course is devilish and planned with satanic schemes.

Source: 'Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini" book 

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