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  • 8/3/2010

Tehran to greet Ramadan at Qur’an exhibit next week

versions of the holy quran are on sale in colorful boxes at the 16th international holy quran exhibition

The exhibit, whose motto is “Qur’an, Book of Life”, will begin a few days before Ramadan and will be open every day from 5:00 pm to 12 midnight.

In a press conference held here on Sunday, Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Muhammad Husseini gave some details about the exhibit.

“Several new sections are added to this year’s edition of the exhibit including theatrical performances, a photo exhibit, poetry and literature, Qur’an and culture of Islamic nations, and sunny nights,” he said.

The Education Ministry is collaborating in the education section of the exhibit. “The section featuring culture of Islamic nations will be hosting 36 different nations, some of which have been invited by Iran’s Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO).

“The Qom department of the Islamic Ideology Dissemination Organization (IIDO) is cooperating in the research section and the Artistic Affairs Department of Culture Ministry is working on the theatrical performances,” he added.

Almost 500 programs are arranged for this year’s exhibit. “We have programs for all ages and we believe that a single visit to the exhibit is not enough for families and we aim to attract families to the exhibit more than once.”

Minister Husseini continued, “Over 340 Iranian publishers and 15 foreign publishing firms are displaying their products at the exhibit. Over 90 companies are also offering their Qur’anic software products, and 16 troupes will be giving their performances in every corner of the Mosalla during the event.

“Various translations of the Holy Qur’an in different languages will also be available at the exhibit. An exhibition of Qur’anic tableaus will also be set up on the side section.”

The sunny night section will provide the chance for visitors to observe the stars at nights via several telescopes set up at the courtyard of the Mosalla.

Several sessions on Qur’anic theses will also be held during the exhibit.

“The Qur’an exhibit belongs to every individual. We plan to hold several Qur’an exhibits in other cities to give our citizens the opportunity to visit these exhibits in their hometowns,” he concluded.

Source: tehrantimes.com

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