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Photos explore slices of Dowlatabadi’s life


A photo exhibit featuring different stages of veteran Iranian author Mahumud Dowlatabadi opened during a ceremony at the Shirin Gallery on Friday.

Entitled “Amordad: The Eternity of 70th Mahumud Dowlatabadi’s Amordad”, the exhibit showcases thirty portraits taken by Yarta Yaran that will go on display on his 70th birthday, August 6.

The ceremony was attended by several scholars and artists including authors Kamran Adl, Javab Mojabi, photographer Ata Omidvar and documentarian Akbar Alami.

“I thought about the passage of time many times. I always knew I would have little chance to conquer time and now I see the image of its passage in these photos hanging on the walls,” Dowlatabadi mentioned at the ceremony.

Born in 1940, short-story writer and novelist Dowlatabadi was the most prominent Iranian novelist of the 1980s. Self-educated and forced to work from childhood, he spent part of his younger adult years as a stage actor in Tehran.

Artists and authors should honor people of their country and assist them to experience a better life, Dowlatabadi added.

“I recalled lovely women in the roles of kind mothers, capable managers and helpful neighbors, all of whom are unforgettable,” he mentioned while he was explaining about the role of women in his works.

No man can be successful alone, there should be a woman beside him to accompany him, he concluded.

“Living with authors is sweet but it is different from ordinary life. Mahmud sometimes has worked from midnight to noon during the 40 years we have been together,” his wife mentioned at the ceremony.

Dowlatabadi writes for people of the world and people from different countries enjoy his writings, Javad Mojabi explained about Dowlatabadi at the event.

“Kalidar”, “Desert Strata”, “The Trip”, “The Legend of Baba Sobhan”, “The Cowherd”, “Aqil”, “Man”, “Missing Soluch” are among Dowlatabadi’s credits.

The one-week exhibit is running at the gallery located at 145 North Salimi St., off Andarzgu Blvd. in the Farmanieh neighborhood.

Photo: Iranian author Mahmud Dowlatabadi in three photos by Yarta Yaran

Source: tehrantimes.com

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