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Red-fleshed apple, native to Iran

red-fleshed apple

While some western media have published news of recently developed red-fleshed apples, reports say the fruit has been native to an Iranian village.

Press TV correspondent Gisoo Misha-Ahmadi found the unique apple in Bakran village, located some 60 kilometers from the city of Shahroud in Semnan Province.

Bakran farmers say not only are the apples red-fleshed, but the seeds and the young leaves, bark and roots of the trees are also red.

The trees do not get infested and the juicy sweet-and-sour fruit contains more anti-oxidants compared to regular apples.

According to head of Bakran health center, the number of cancer and high blood pressure cases is very low in the village.

People of Bakran use the red-fleshed apple in different traditional foods and jams and as dried fruit treats.

Bakran rural governor told Press TV that the red-fleshed apple is native to the region and the oldest person of the village who died last year at the age of 130 could remember the fruit being produced in the village during his childhood.

Source: presstv.ir 

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