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Nasrin Khosravi portrayed children’s desires in her illustrations: scholar


Nasrin Khosravi portrayed children’s desires in her illustrations, scholar Shahram Eqbalzadeh mentioned at the commemoration ceremony held for the late children’s book illustrator Khosravi.

“I am not an illustrator but I can see love in her illustrations. I also see that she was faithful to the text of the stories in her work,” the former Children’s Writers Association added.

The ceremony was held at the Imam Ali (AS) Religious Arts Museum by the Iranian Association of Children’s Books Illustrators and the Children’s Book Council of Iran on Thursday to commemorate children’s book illustrator Khosravi who died in Canada on April 23, 2010. She was 60.

“What was important for Khosravi was her art and she never worried about financial matters. She never complained about the publishers who pestered her about meeting her deadlines,” children poet and author Asadollah Sha’bani mentioned during the event.

Nasrin Khosravi comes back whenever one turns the pages of books she has illustrated, illustrator Behzad Gharibpur remarked at the ceremony.

Khosravi’s children Sam and Ava Moshaver who reside in Canada attended the ceremony and Ava recited a literary piece in commemoration of her mother.

Khosravi was born in 1950 in Tehran and was a graduate in graphic design from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Tehran.

She began her artistic career in her 20’s, working on book illustrations, frescoes, and teaching art at the university.

She was awarded several national and international prizes and honorary diplomas, and also received the Medal of Honor at Noma Concours for Picture Book Illustrations in 1994.

Photo: An illustration by Nasrin Khosravi

Source: tehrantimes.com

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