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Too much sitting ups death risk

too much sitting ups death risk

Couch potatoes, regardless of the time they spend exercising, are more vulnerable to die from different conditions, a new study suggests.

According to the study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, women and men who spend most of their leisure time sitting are 94 and 48 percent more likely to die compared with those who sit less and are more physically active.

Compared to those who sat less than three hours a day, women who spent six hours a day sitting were reported to be at a 37 percent higher risk of dying. As for men, the risk increased to 17 percent.

The sitting time is strongly correlated with the death risk, the study found. The more time an individual spends sitting, regardless of the level of his or her daily physical activity, the higher would be the risk of death.

"The more time you spend sitting, the less total energy expended and you can have consequences such as weight gain and increased obesity," said lead researcher Alpa Patel, adding that sitting affects not only the metabolism but also the risk factors for various diseases.

Too much sitting also stimulates or suppresses the release of various hormones which then affect the blood levels of triglycerides, cholesterol and other markers for heart and other diseases. Exercising, even a little per day, was associated with a lower risk of sitting-related deaths.

Scientists therefore concluded that apart from the amount of physical activity an individual gets, the time spent sitting also plays a critical role in the one’s risk of death.

"The message here is like everything in your life. People need to recognize that the things you do every day have consequences. And if you’re in a job that does require sitting, that’s fine, but any time you can expend energy is good. That’s the key," said Jay Brooks, chairman of hematology/oncology at Ochsner Health System in Baton Rouge.

Source: presstv.ir

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