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An aerosol metered-dose inhaler (MDI) used for administration of asthma medication.Inhalants are drugs in the forms of gas aerosols, or solvents, which are inhaled as a vapor.

Inhalant drugs are used for both medical purposes (e.g., nitrous oxide and salbutamol) and as recreational drugs for their intoxicating effect; this article focuses on the use of inhalants to create psychoactive effects. Inhalants used as recreational drugs include organic solvents from cleaning products and glues and propellant gases from aerosol cans. Some inhalants, such as ether, nitrous oxide, and alkyl nitrites, have been widely used both medically and recreationally.

The effects of recreational solvent inhalation can range from an alcohol-like intoxication and euphoria to hallucinations. The use of inhalants can cause injuries and, in some cases can lead to death. Nonmedical inhalant use is restricted and even criminalized in some jurisdictions, often by forbidding the sale of commonly-used products, such as contact cement, to minors. However, since solvents and aerosol propellants are used in a wide variety of household products, these restrictions have only a limited effect.


Source: encyclopedia.thefreedictionary.com

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