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China publishes Avicenna book

Beijing has published the complete Chinese version of The Canon of Medicine by the Iranian polymath and father of modern medicine, Avicenna.

Translated by Zhu Ming of Beijing Medical University, the book was released in June 2010 and includes the biography of Avicenna and pictures of the book’s English and German translations.

According to Tehran times, The Canon of Medicine has always been popular with Chinese physicians and parts of the book were previously translated and used.

Originally written in Arabic, the book is a 14-volume medical encyclopedia, which presents a clear and organized summary of the medical knowledge of the time.

Considered one of the most significant books in the history of medicine, The Canon of Medicine has also been translated into Latin, Hebrew, German, French and English.

Also known as Shaykh al-Ra'is (Master and Head), Avicenna wrote about 450 works, of which only 240 have survived. Some 150 of his books are on philosophy and 40 on medicine including his magnum opus Kitab al-Shifa (The Book of Healing) which is an immense encyclopedic work.

Many literary and scientific figures were influenced by Avicenna, including the renowned poet Omar Khayyam and the celebrated 13th-century scientist Khwaja Nasir al-Din at-Tusi.

Avicenna disciple Jorjani (Sorsanus) has documented his life story in the Life of Avicenna.

Source: presstv.ir

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