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Larger heads less prone to dementia

larger heads less prone to dementia

Individuals with larger heads are less prone to dementia; nutrition, injury or infection in early life, therefore, can predict one’s risk of developing the disease.

According to the study published in Neurology, individuals with Alzheimer are who have larger skulls have better memory and thinking skills.

Every additional centimeter of head circumference is associated with a 6 percent greater score on memory tests for every 1 percent of brain cell death, the study found.

Larger heads are therefore considered as a sign of greater brain reserve and subsequently more protection against dementia-related brain cell death.

Apart from genetics, lifestyle can also influence the growth rate and the head size. Poor nutrition or infection in early life can negatively affect brain growth rate.

Although brain size is largely determined by genetics, the researchers say lifestyle can have an impact.

"Improving prenatal and early life conditions could significantly increase brain reserve, which could have an impact on the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease or the severity of symptoms of the disease," said lead researcher Robert Perneczky.

Source: presstv.ir

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