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Kenyan Proverbs

proverbs for life

Do not say the first thing that comes to your mind.

A person changing his clothing always hides while changing.

A flea can trouble a lion more than the lion can harm a flea.

A donkey always says thank you with a kick.

A white dog does not bite another white dog.

All cassavas have the same skins but not all taste the same.

Absence makes the heart forget.

After a foolish deed comes remorse.

At the harvest you know how good the millet is.

Because a man has injured your goat, do not go out and kill his bull.

Blind belief is dangerous.

Do not slaughter a calf before its mother’s eyes.

Don’t count what they get -- they count what they don’t get.

Each has his own way of moving.

Having a good discussion is like having riches.

He who does not know one thing knows another.

He who is unable to dance says the yard is stony.

He who refuses to obey cannot command.

Hearts do not meet one another like roads.

Hurrying has no blessing.

If a dead tree falls, it carries with it a live one.

If you receive a gift don’t measure it.

It is the duty of children to wait on elders, and not the elders on children.

Never let a hyena know how well you can bite.

No attention is paid to him who is always complaining.

Nobody gathers firewood to roast a thin goat.

Old age devours your youth.

Once you have been tossed by a buffalo, a black ox looks like a buffalo.

One finger alone cannot even kill a louse.

Only scratch where you can reach.

Seeing is different from being told.

Soon found, soon lost.

Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable.

The water of the river flows on without waiting for the thirsty man.

There is no cure that does not have its price.

There is no phrase that doesn’t have a double meaning.

Thunder is not yet rain.

Try this bracelet: if it fits you wear it; but if it hurts you, throw it away no matter how much it sparkles.

Virtue is better than wealth.

What’s too hard for a man must be worth looking into.

When the figs are ripe all the birds want to eat.

You may laugh at a friend's roof; ; don't laugh at his sleeping accommodation.

Source: proverbatim.com

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