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Poor diet causes child obesity: Study

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Lack of sports and exercise are not the cause of child obesity rather obesity is mostly the result of poor nutrition, a research has found.

The research team, “the EarlyBird”, questions the theory that lack of work out is the reason for child obesity in its research.

According to the research group, the findings indicate that it is good nutrition and not exercise that helps deal with youth obesity.

The team studied over 200 subjects in the city of Plymouth in the UK, checking the children’s exercise practices and their fat regularly.

The study found that 'body fat levels had an effect on physical activity, but that varying activity did not lead to any changes in fatness,' the Independent reported.

The results were published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood. It explained that obese children could have a poor self image and as a result shy away from exercise and sports.

"Physical inactivity appears to be the result of fatness rather than its cause,” the report concluded.

"This reverse causality may explain why attempts to tackle childhood obesity by promoting physical activity have been largely unsuccessful," it added.

But experts such as the National Obesity Forum’s Dr. David Haslam cautions that we should not forget about the importance of sports as a wider health benefit.

"The EarlyBird team really force us to question our comfortable assumptions regarding childhood obesity,” Dr. Haslam told the BBC.

"What we, as clinicians must do, is nod reverently at their work, learn lessons from it, and reappraise our own practices accordingly,” he went on to say.

"What we shouldn’t do is take the paper at face value and allow lean children to be as lazy as they please, as that would be a catastrophic mistake," he further explained.

Source: presstv.ir

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